EALING, PROTECTING AND REPAIRINGOne product is all you need for a 100% waterproof result on virtually all surfaces in and around your home.From waterproofing in the bathroom, to gutter repairs and applications on anything from concrete to wood. Rubber Seal is always easy to apply with a brush, is environmentally friendly, is 750% elastic, and is weather and UV-resistant. This means that you can get to work quickly and safely both in and outside the house.




You want to keep your house in good condition for as long as possible. Whether you wish to protect your garden wood against moisture or prevent a leak in your bathroom, Bison Rubber Seal will quickly and easily waterproof 1001 indoor and outdoor applications.

For example: waterproofing pipe conduit, window frames and skylight joints, or protecting exterior walls against rising and penetrating damp. The possibilities are endless. Rubber Seal is suitable for virtually all substrates. Whether you are working on wood, concrete, stone, metal, zinc, bitumen or PVC. Rubber Seal even adheres well to polypropylene and polyethylene (PP/PE).

Bison Rubber Seal


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